Also attached is  the Mindful March Calendar of Wellbeing activities – Mindful March Calendar.Wellbeing Activities

For those children feeling anxious about Coronavirus.  Mrs. Burraway has found a book  (along with an explanation from the author)that can explain the virus to children. Please check out the book before you decide to share it with your children as you can then decide if you think it is suitable for them or not.

Children’s Book about coronavirus (1)
Coronavirus Book for Children (1)



Talking to children about coronavirus


School Nurse Letter March 2020

Everybody Worries book by John Burgerman: A picture book for children who are worried about Coronavirus: https://en.calameo.com/read/000777721945cfe5bb9cc?authid=Xu9pcOzU3TQx

Wellbeing Wednesday guidance:

Every Wednesday afternoon is Wellbeing Wednesday – when your children should choose something to do that is good for their wellbeing – something they enjoy doing that will help them to feel calm and benefit their mind and body.  We will not give specific instruction about this, but will include guidance documents below of the types of activities they may want to try.  Keep checking back, as we will post more ideas as we find them.

The link below takes you to a resource bank for parents (and teachers) to support young people’s wellbeing and personal development during this period.  The series of activity sheets are designed to take between 20-50 minutes each and can easily be adapted for different ages and levels. The resources can be used independently by a child, need only a pen and paper and are fun to complete:


Inspire creativity and enjoyment

100 indoor activities

Breathing exercises

lego challenge

STEM activities

Casey the Caterpillar COVID-19 stories:

PDF Casey Corona Edition – R -Year 1
PDF Casey – Corona Edition Y2-4
Casey – Grief