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Wellbeing Wednesday’s 

JULY 2020
Dinosaurs and Unicorns colouring
Rainbow Craft Activity

JUNE 2020
Mindfulness Challenge Cards
Brain break breathing
Mindful breathing dot-to-dot

MAY 2020
Wellbeing Wednesday -send a hug
Wellbeing Wednesday 13 May 2020
Sprial Snake Colouring and Cutting Activity

Wellbeing wednesday – Things to look forward to Activity

APRIL 2020
Mindful-Monsters-new-activities-digital-pack (1)
Wellbeing Wednesday 22 April 2020
Wellbeing Wednesday 1 Apr 2020
Jack and the Beanstalk Colourings


Week Commencing 13/07/2020
Colouring Pages
I Spy and Count Answers
I Spy and Count Checklist
I Spy and Count Keeping
Safe in the Sun

Paper Plate Sun
Pencil Control
Seaside Colouring
Seaside Counting
Summer Holiday Counting Summer Week

Week Commencing 06/07/2020
olour by code
Cutting Activity

Flower Addition
Flower Sorting
Flowering Plant Lifecycle
Measuring Sunflowers Powerpoint
Parts of a Plant
Plant & Flowers Pencil Control
Plant and Flowers Hunt
Plant Colouring
Planting and Growing Week
Sunflower Lifecycle

Week Commencing 29/06/2020
Butterfly Song
Butterfly Symmetry
Butterfly Week
Colour by shape
Drawing Activity
Finger Gym Instructions
Finger Gym
Paper Plate Butterfly
Pencil Control

Week Commencing 22/06/2020
Count and colour
Cutting Activity
Handprint MonkeyActivity
Handprint Monkey Template
Pencil Control
The Animals Went in 2 by 2 Song
Welcome to Noah’s Ark

Week Commencing 15/06/2020
Christopher Columbus Powerpoint Story
Colouring I Spy
Map of the World
Paper Boat Origami
Pencil Control Animals
Pencil Control
Welcome to Christopher Columbus
I Spy Checklist
I Spy

Week Commencing 08/06/2020
Colour by numbers elephant
Elephant Colouring Pictures
Elmer Colouring Pictures
Elmer Masks
Elmer Song
Elmer Week
How to draw an Elephant
Junk Model an Elephant
Maths Addition Pencil Control

Week Commencing 01/06/2020
Feelings Powerpoint
Intro to Happiness Week
Make An Emoji Face
Pencil Control
Shape Colouring
What makes you happy

Week Commencing 18/05/2020
All About Rainbows
Colour a Rainbow
How to grow a Rainbow
Learn Rainbow Colours
Opening Rainbow week
Rainbow Fish Counting

Week Commencing 11/05/2020
Colour by number
Colouring pages
Craft Activity
Life Cycle Presentation
Lifecycle Ordering
Pencil Control
Shape Activity
Welcome to Ladybirds

Week Commencing 04/05/2020
Monday Morning Hello
Counting Jungle Facts
Monkey colouring by numbers
Pencil Control Sheets
Whats through the binoculars game

Week commencing 27/04/2020
Hello Acorn Class
Colouring Pages
 Jungle Animals Game
Ordering by size
Pencil Control
Ronald the Rhino ebook
So, the Zoo Sent Me a Pet Song

Week commencing 20/04/2020
Welcome back
Can you draw an animal and write its name
I Spy and Add Checklist
I Spy and Add
Ideas To Do at Home
Jungle Animals Colouring pages

The Busy Animals in the Zoo Song
Zoo Animals Colouring and Words
Zoo Themed Pencil Control Activity Sheets