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Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

Who Do I Contact and How?

To provide information about your child or to raise general queries about your child or the class:

WHO: Your child's Class Teacher/Nursery staff

HOW: At the classroom door at drop off or pick up times (if the Class Teacher/Nursery staff feels a longer discussion is required, they will schedule an additional meeting with you in school), or at Parent Consultation evenings 

FunZone bookings (after the School Money deadline has passed) or queries:

WHO: FunZone staff: Mrs. Daniels or Mrs. Wood

HOW: At the FunZone door at drop off or pick up times or email funzone@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

ANY queries about before or after school clubs or music lessons:

WHO: The relevant Club provider 

HOW: Via the relevant contact details on our Clubs page

Reporting your child's absence from school:

WHO: Office Manager: Mrs. Hayes

HOW: Via Studybugs only: https://studybugs.com/signin or the App (please click here for more information on Studybugs, including how to register)

Nursery places and visits prior to requesting a Nursery place:

WHO: Nursery Team

HOW: Email nursery@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk or call 01525 860206 (option 2)

School visits prior to requesting a School place:

WHO: Office Manager: Mrs. Hayes

HOW: Email generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk or call 01525 860206 (option 3)

Requesting a School place:

WHO: Central Bedfordshire Council Admissions Team

HOW: Email admissions@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk or call 0300 300 8037

ANY finance-related queries (including FunZone payments and any issues with School Money):

WHO: Finance Manager: Mrs. Parsons

HOW: Email finance@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

General school queries (not related to a specific class or child) e.g. uniform that cannot be answered from looking at our website:

WHO: Office Manager: Mrs. Hayes

HOW: Email generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk 

Requesting pupil Leave of Absence for your child during the School Year:

WHO: Office Manager: Mrs. Hayes

HOW: Complete the form here and email it to generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

Providing medicine your child needs during the School Day:

WHO: Office Manager: Mrs. Hayes

HOW: Complete a medicines form (found here) and either email it to generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk or print and bring it to the front office with the required medication 

N.B. Please do not give medicine to Class Teachers 

Support with a Special Educational Need or Disability your child may have (including learning or behavioural needs):

WHO: Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Mrs. Bingley (or Mrs. Burraway)

HOW: Email send@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

Support with Wellbeing needs your child may have:

WHO: Wellbeing Leads: Mrs. Burraway and/or Miss Grassi

HOW: Email wellbeing@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

Support with any Safeguarding needs your child or your family may have:

WHO: Safeguarding Officers: Mrs. Bingley, Mrs. Burraway, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Woodcraft, Miss Grassi

HOW: Email sgsupport@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk

School Meals/School Dinners:

WHO: School Grid

HOW: Email support@schoolgrid.co.uk or 01506 300310

Concerns or complaints about a member of staff (not the Headteacher):

WHO: The Headteacher: Mrs. Bingley

HOW: For concerns, email generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk, for complaints, via the complaints process found here (email any completed complaint to generaladmin@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk)

Concerns or complaints about the Headteacher or the general running of the school:

WHO: The Governors

How: For concerns, email clerk@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk, for complaints, via the complaints process found here (email any completed complaint to clerk@clophillstmarysschool.co.uk)