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Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

Values Education

Each value starts with me; that's Accountability!

(St. Mary's Values Education Strapline 2022)re.

We are a Values Based school providing children with a framework for living, tightly woven into the positive Christian ethos of the school.

We have been a Values Based School since 2001 and have been awarded the Values Quality Mark every 3 years.

We are delighted that we were most recently awarded the Values Mark in November 2019, in recognition of our outstanding work in Values Education.

Values Based Education underpins everything we do here at St Mary’s and, through this, we provide a caring, happy and secure atmosphere in which each child has the freedom to develop as a rounded individual, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

More information can be found at Values Based Education.

A copy of our latest values cycle is included at Values Cycle.

Our Values are taught through our daily Worship (Assembly) times.  We explore a different Value each month through stories and discussion.  Values are then reinforced throughout a child's time at St. Mary's.  

On Friday we hold a special Commendations Assembly, where children are commended for living and demonstrating our Values. 

I really like my friends and teachers because they care about me and respect me.

(Pupil Questionnaire Feedback 2021-2022)

Values Ambassadors

Every term, class teachers will select one or two children from their class who are considered to be excellent role models of the Values for other children.

Their role will be to:

  • Continue to be fantastic role models – continue to live our Values
  • Support others to live the Values by, for example, helping people to find friends at lunch time
  • Commend other children on a weekly basis who they have seen living the Values

The Values Ambassadors have a weekly slot during our Commendations Assembly where they will share with the school the children they have seen living the Values.  At the end of the half term they will also be invited to a tea party with Mrs. Bingley and Mrs. Burraway where they will talk about what went well with their role and what the school can do to further improve Values in our school.


Values Activities 2022-2023



Values Activities 2021-2022