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Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

RED (Read Every Day) Awards

Supporting your child to read at home is one of the most powerful ways you can help your child with their learning!

Please support and encourage your child to read the books they bring home from school, asking them simple questions (like those stuck in their reading records or found in the Parent Reading Advice Booklets which can be found here) or pausing to explain/discuss the meanings of new words.  All of these things help build a valuable range of literacy skills needed in everyday life. 

As well as the books from school, do encourage the reading of alternative texts; story books they may already have, encyclopaedias, cereal boxes, road signs.....the list is endless!

Alongside our 'Get Caught Reading' initiative, in order for us to support and encourage reading at home, we have introduced an incentive, known as the RED (Read Every Day) Awards.  We will be celebrating reading achievements in the following way:

  • Reading daily at home*, 5 or more days (each reading time must be a separate day, not five times in one day :-)) a week, will result in 5 Dojo Dollars which an adult in school will mark off weekly on a Dojo Dollar chart, stuck in the children's reading records.  
  • When $25 are collected, the child will have the opportunity to spend their dollars on a prize from the top shelf of our special RED Awards cabinet (outside the School Office).  An example picture of this is shown below:


  • To develop a sense of good financial decision making, we are also providing the opportunity for the children to save their dollars to put towards something larger/special:
    • Middle shelf items will cost $50 whilst our bottom shelf contains a selection of more exclusive prizes, individually priced items, for $75 or more!
  • Prizes will be replenished/expanded regularly!

*Please note - for children in Acorn and Chestnut who do not yet have a reading book in school, through special records sent home, we are asking parents to let us know what books you have read to/shared with your child.  Five or more times of this occurring in the week also results in 5 Dojo Dollars, which an adult will mark off on their Dojo Dollar chart too!