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Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

Pupil Leadership

There are lots of opportunities for pupils to hold leadership responsibilities in school. Our main leadership groups are each explained in the information below:

Values Ambassadors:

Please click here to find out about our Values Ambassadors.

Wellbeing Warriors: 2022-2023

Our latest Pupil Leadership Group at St. Mary's!  

Here is a presentation the Wellbeing Warriors created for the Govenors to launch their work.  It was presented to Governors at their Spring Term meeting on 15.03.23:

Wellbeing Warriors presentation to Governors 15.03.23

Eco Committee Members: 2022-2023

At St. Mary's, we are super at being Eco Warriors and care so deeply for our planet.  We have even begun the process of becoming an official Eco-School!  Hopefully by the end of this academic year we will be awarded wtih an Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Step 1 of this process was to form an Eco-Committee, with all children having an opportunity to put themselves forward to join. We successfully appointed 10 members from Years 1-4 (some of whom you can see in the photo above).  Throughout the year, and beyond, the Eco-Committee will be working with Miss Clements, our Science Co-ordinator and Rowan Class teacher, to develop our school to be a much more sustainable and eco-friendly school. 

Every year, we will be working on some 'eco' projects.  In our first two meetings we agreed on two of our three projects for this year and have already begim working on them. 

Project One is to develop our school grounds by planting some trees with the Forest of Marston Vale.  

Project Two is to create 'Eco Monitors' and incorporate the use of them to lower our energy usage, water waste, litter and improve our school grounds.  Every lunchtime, two children from our Eco-Committee will go around the school following their 'Eco Monitor' checklist. 

Our Eco-Committee members also commend their peers in our weekly Commendations Assembly.  They commend members of their class (or the school) who they feel have been true Eco Warriors during the week!  

On 15.03.23, the Eco-Committee presented their work to the Governing Body at their end of Spring Term meeting!  Here is a copy of their presentation:

Eco-Committee Update for Governors 15.03.23

School Council Members: 2022-2023


Our School Council members come from across three year groups within school.  They meet regularly with Mrs. Arnold to plan fund raising events for different charities. 

Below we will share copies of the presentations they produce for the school about their fundraising activities.

(click to view presentation)

Sports Leaders: 2022-2023

Our Sports Leaders are fully trained by Redborne Sports Partnership to be leaders in sporting activities!  At our school, Sports Leaders lead activities for the rest of the school during a couple of lunchtimes a week.  This encourages all children to be active whilst having fun!  

Sports Leaders also play a leading role in key sporting activities we have over the year also, for example, Sports Day and our Summer Fundraising Appeal Day.  

On 15.03.23, the Sports Leaders presented their work to the Governing Body at their end of Spring Term meeting!  Here is a copy of their presentation:

Sports Leaders Update to Governors 15.03.23

Young Leaders: 2022-2023

The Young Leaders Award is completed annually by one of our younger classes.

The Young Leaders Award (YLA) is a leaderships and character education programme designed to:

  • build pupils' leadership skills and character
  • grow confidence, teamwork, resilience and care for others
  • empower pupils to serve their communities

Throughout the year, the class will complete activities and challenges linked to the characteristics of:

  • Kindness
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork
  • Action

Below is a photo gallery showing the work of this year's Young Leaders:

Young Leaders 2022-2023

National Younger Leaders: 2021-2022

The National Younger Leadership Group is run by the Church of England and. whilst some of the content is based on Christian values and ethos, the overall premise is to develop skills and values which can be understood by those of differing faiths or even no faith at all.  The group also aims to develop key skills in leadership and speaking and listening.  

Six children were selected to take part in this group.  They were chosen for their ability to take part in discussions in a mature and capable manner, not for their religious background.  These six children interacted virtually with children and adults from other schools, led and supported by Mrs. Arnold at all times. 

The information below outlines the purpose and discussion points of the National Younger Leadership Group, if you would like to find out more information: 

(click to enlarge and read)