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National Smile Month: May 2021-June 2021

17th May 2021-17th June 2021 is National Smile Month!

National Smile Month campaigns to promote good oral healthcare, aiming to educate, motivate and communicate the many positives that come with looking after your teeth and mouth!  

The Oral Health Foundation has three main messages to support us in keeping our teeth in perfect condition.  These are:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least on other occasion in the day
  • Cut down on how much sugary food and drink you consume and how often you consume it
  • Visit your dentist more often than what might be recommended

On the Oral Health Foundation campain website, you can find lots of activity ideas to support with understanding these messages at home, as well as a 'Sharing a Smile' activity!  

We have attached some activities below, which we hope will support you and your family in keeping our teeth in tip-top condition :-)

Acorn Nursery have previously done lots of work on creating a tooth-friendly enviroment and have been awarded the 'My Smile' award.  For more information, please click here.

National Smile Month resources:

Digital Guide to Healthier Brushing

Digital Guide to Better Brushing

Digital Guide to Healthier Gums

Brushing teeth step-by-step instructions for children

Sharing a Smile!