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Fees and Admissions


*NEW - from January 2025, we will be charging a Nursery Consumables and Additional Services Fee for those accessing Government Funded Sessions*

This fee will be £8 a day or £4 per half day for all sessions paid for by Government funded hours, including Universal, Extended and Expanded Hours. 

Families receiving additional Government benefits will not be charged this fee. 

Please see the letter below for more information:

16.07.24 Nursery Consumables and Additional Services Fee Letter


Acorn Nursery current Fees are:

Children under 3 years - £7.00 per hour (from 01.04.24)

Children over 3 years - £5.65 per hour (from 01.04.24)

Lunch for under 3 years - £5.25 (from 01.04.24)

Lunch for over 3 years - £4.25 (from 01.04.24)


Please click here to find out our fees for our FunZone breakfast and after school club. 


Acorn Nursery Terms and Conditions April 2024


On completing a booking form you are agreeing to your child to attend the Acorn Nursery Class on those sessions stated.  Please be advised that the booking form is a contract between yourselves and Acorn Nursery Class and payments are non-refundable under any circumstances eg. Holidays, sick days.

Additional Days

If you require any additional sessions please talk to the Nursery Manager in the first instance. If there is availability, you will be able to then book and pay for the agreed session using the School Money System.


The Acorn Nursery Admissions Policy can be found here.



From the term following their third birthday, all children are entitled to up to 15 hours each week free education.

Children from the term following their 3rd birthday can access:

  • full time provision of which 15 hrs per week is funded and extra hours charged at £5.65 per hour
  • full time provision of which up to 30 hours per week is funded if Parents meet the following criteria;
    • Both Parents are working or one parent working in lone parent families. This is defined as earning the equivalent of 16 hours per week on national minimum wage.
    • Earnings are under £100,000 each.

Or you may also be eligible if:

  • Both parents are working and in receipt of tax credits/universal credit
  • Both parents are employed but one or both are temporarily away from the workplace.
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Receiving statutory sick pay
  • Receipt of carers allowance
  • One parent is disabled

 If you are unsure if you are eligible or wish to claim any additional hours over the standard 15 hours, please visit the following website: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

It is the parents responsibility to ensure they claim for any additional hours through this website, passing on the unique code to us (the provider) and renewing the information EACH TERM on the website.  You will need to reapply for eligibility by the end of the term before the term you are claiming for.

 At the beginning of each term, parents will be asked to complete a funding form in order for the school to claim the funding. Not obtaining a code each term will lead to being charged for the additional hours.

At the beginning of each term you will need to state the hours that you require for the whole term. If you then wish to increase your hours during the term you will need to pay for them as we cannot then claim the funding.                                             

Funded hours can also be used for Breakfast Club, lunch and/or After-school Club. 

Children under 3 can access:

  • full time provision paid for by parents charged at £7.00 per hour until 3 years old, when you will be charged £5.65 per hour.

Administration – Forms and Policies

Acorn Nursery Class adheres to the Schools policies. These are available for parents to read and are available online here link to policy page.