Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

Women's History Month: March 2021

Women's History Month is celebrated throughout March 2021 here in the UK, in Australia and in the United States, where it first began in 1987.

Organisers for Women's History Month wanted to make sure future generations inherit an accurate account of the contributions of women throughout history. 

By highlighting women who have made a difference in history, it opens up that world of possibilities to young girls.

This month is to celebrate women who, despite the odds, fought to have their voices heard, live with equal rights to men, vote in elections, own their personal property, adopt their own children, win gold medal, travel into space, become doctors and surgeons, and so much more!

Mrs. Arnold will be reading us sections from the "Fantastically Great Women" books each week.  These will be posted on our Facebook page and on this website on a Friday throughout March.  

Friday 12th March 2021: Marie Curie: Marie Curie Video

Friday 19th March 2021: Rosa Parks:   Rosa Parks Video

Friday 26th March 2021: Greta Thunberg: Greta Thunberg Video

International Women's Day is part of Women's History Month.  For more information, see the Inclusion Support for Parents section of the website.