Clophill St Marys CofE lower school

Scavenger Hunt

The deadline for our Scavenger Hunt may have passed - but you can still have a go just for fun!  Please find the maps and clues you need below.  The answers are also now posted at the bottom of the page so you can check if you marked your maps correctly!  Happy Hunting :-) 

Scavenger Hunt!

Mrs. Collins, our brilliant Geography Co-ordinator, has created an amazing Scavenger Hunt of Clophill for you to take part in! Every day we will release a photo taken somewhere in the village. Your job is to do the following:

- Recognise the thing in the photo and find it in the village

- Mark on either (or both!) of the maps (attached below) where you found it

- If you want to - take a photo of yourself at the location

The maps and photos are attached below.  We will release a new photo each day to this page and to our Facebook page.  

There will be 12 things to find - released over 12 days. You can either send in your photos every time you find one of them (if you're taking photos) OR save them until you've found all 12 and then send them in. Please only send the maps in when you've marked off all 12 locations.  If you are taking part in the Scavenger Hunt and you do not attend St. Mary's, please send in  your completed maps and photos to:

If you attend St. Mary's, you have received different instructions of how to send in your maps and photos. 

You have until Wednesday 10th March to complete the hunt and submit your findings! All responses on or by 10th March, identifying the 12 things on the maps (and sending in pictures if you wish) will receive a special certificate!

Happy Hunting and a MASSIVE thank you to Mrs. Collins for organising this wonderful activity!

Click on the images below to enlarge them:


Picture 1: Picture 2: 
Picture 3: Picture 4:
Picture 5: Picture 6: 
Picture 7:  Picture 8: 
Picture 9:  Picture 10: 
Picture 11:  Picture 12: 
That's the end of the Scavenger Hunt!  Send your maps (and pictures if you've done them) to by Wednesday 10th March to receive a special certificate! 

 The results for the Scavenger Hunt can be found by clicking on the image below!: