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Clophill St Marys CofE lower school


Children's achievements in each lesson are evaluated by class teachers.  This information then informs teacher's termly assessments of the children in their class, in all subject areas, on a termly basis. 

Curriculum Co-ordinators then analyse the attainment and progress of the whole school in their area.  This information informs future teaching and learning.

At the beginning of Reception, all children take part in the Reception Baseline Assessment to determine their starting points - abilities and skills -  when they begin school.  The Reception Baseline Assessment is statutory from September 2021 and we were a pilot school, trialling the baseline before then. For more information about the Reception Baseline, please see the leaflet below:

Children are formally teacher assessed at the end of Reception against the Early Learning Goals:

Early Learning Goals

The school takes part in the National Phonics Screening Check.  Children take the check at the end of Year 1:

Phonics Screening Check Information for Parents

If they don't pass the check, they have the opportunity to take the check again at the end of Year 2.  

Children are also formally teacher assessed in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2):

KS1 SATs Assessment Parent and Carer Information Sheet

At the end of Year 4, children also participate in the Multiplications Table Check in June:

Information for parents: 2022 Multiplications Tables Check

Our end of Reception, Phonics Check and KS1 SATs results can be found in the Our Results section of the website. 

Results of children's attainment and progress in all areas of the curriculum are shared with parents through their child's End of Year Report. 

For more information, please see our Assessment Policy in the Policies section of our website.