The School Governors

The governing body of the school is made up of representatives of the Church, the Diocese, the Local Education Authority, the Parish Council, the teaching staff, the support staff, the Head teacher and an elected parent governor.

Their duty is to be responsible for overseeing the running of the school.  On a day to day basis, this is the responsibility of the Headteacher and members of staff who report to the governors on the curriculum, the budget and standards within the school. The governors support and challenge the staff and are encouraged to make regular visits to the children during the school day.

The governors’ role is to ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced, meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and includes religious education and collective worship.  They co-operate with the Headteacher to formulate and approve all school policies and consider the school development plan annually.

Now that the Education Authority has devolved more direct responsibility for the local management of schools to the governors, they have a responsibility to determine the school budget each year, considering the general running costs of the school such as staffing, equipment, heating and cleaning.

As a Voluntary Aided School the governors also have a financial responsibility to pay 1/10th of the cost of any building work carried out in the school.

The governors are happy to receive queries and questions from parents at any time therefore please telephone or email the school office who will put you in touch with the relevant governor.

Governors   2017-18

Mr B Jones Chair of Governors/DBE
Mrs K Bingley Headteacher/ Ex-Officio
Mrs A Warner Vice Chairperson/Parent Governor
Venerable P Hughes Archdeacon of Bedford/ Ex-Officio
Mr P Downing Local Authority Governor
Mr T Caplan Parish Council/ Associate Governor
Mrs C Deverill Parent Governor
Mrs E Thoulass PCC / Treasurer
Mr S Milne PCC
Mrs A Gordon PCC
Mrs V Higgins PCC
Mrs P Burraway Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs A Arnold Support Staff Representative
Mrs E Topliff Clerk to the Governors

Governor Information


2016 2017 Governors Letter To Parents

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Governor Meeting Attendance September 2014 to July 2015

Governor Responsibilities and Interests

Governing Body Minutes of Meetings

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